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First of all, wholehearted thanks to all of you for reading my article, accepting it and liking it. 🙂 Big thanks to those who have shared it with others as they have worked on value addition of their life and others life too. Once again thanks to your warmth, love, motivation & inspiration!!! 🙂

“WISH…” the mother of Dreams, Hopes, Love and Motivation…. Some of our wishes come true and MANY GET POSTPONE. I’ll not say they remain unfulfilled or incomplete, they just get DELAYED. May be because correct time has not reached yet or may be we deserve something better than that or may be something else…So I have a firm believe that wishes do come true if you work on that. Merely wishing, dreaming and hoping will not do anything.

 People with a negative trait or the one who are demoralized, de-motivated, depressed; stop dreaming, stop wishing. This is the point when they stop living. A life is a life when you live it with full ZEAL & ENTHUSIASM and when you WISH INFINITELY.



When the smallest dream is fulfilled all of us know how does it feels… We feel proud, happy, glad, world seems to live in with best people all around & celebrations are all around. Even words are less to define how lovely it feels when a wish is completed.. As we are happy from inside we keep others happy too. Isn’t it??? That inner happiness reach to people and that is all we want HAPPINESS ALL AROUND… To spread happiness one needs to be happy from the core of the heart and this is one of the moments when our WISHES COME TRUE… 🙂

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When I look at our generation I get a bit disappointed & when I look at our earlier generation I feel jealous. You know why? We are far better from them in technology, comforts, communication almost everything but…we lack in patience. In this super speedy era we wish everything should give result fast. We are not ready for the delay in most of the cases. Right ??? If for any reason the delay occurs immediately frustrations, tensions grab us and we start feeling low… 🙂


On the other hand our generation is continuously fighting with situations, they still make wishes and work on them. I remember my Nanaji, Late Shri Prabhudas Ji Batthar wished till his last breath of life and kept working on it. I really admire him and salute his never ending spirit, zest and eagerness. I remember he used to say, “There will be times when things will go the other way you wish, your dreams will be delayed but what should not die in you is HOPE. Hope that everything will go fine one day, hope that I’ll make up for my mistakes, hope that yes my dreams will come true, my wishes will get fulfilled….!!!!


Ye ummidein (hopes) hi to hai jo Ichhao (wishes) ko marne nahi deti…
Aur ye Ichhaye (wishes) hi to hai jo Sapno (dreams) ko tutne nahi deti…

These lines said by him always support me in my good and bad times. They keep inspiring me, keep motivating me and give me a challenge to let our earlier generations know that we are not less than them in this competition. That’s why I have taken pledge to WISH INFINITELY…

From my personal experience I can say if you wish something from the depth of your heart with purity and sanity & you are working on it fearlessly with full determination Boss!!! You gonna get it and I can bet on it… it can be anything your job, promotion, fame, respect, success or anything… Life has to fulfill your dream today or later on. If you are determined to get it life will be ready to give it…!!!

So now get up, prepare your wish list and start working on it & while doing that don’t forget to enjoy, adding value to your life. So wish infinitely. Keep on wishing, keep on dreaming, keep on hoping and keep on working to fulfill them.

Do share your experience on it. May be your story will be the inspiration for someone and someone else may motivate you to have a new wish. You never know when your wish will come true 🙂

Finally I would use the dialog of a film “Jo hum actual mein chahte hai na, real mein wo hume zarur milta hai…

Article by :
Ankita Baheti (Anku)

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