What is actually a Smart City?


Well, a lot of buzz is going around, about the 100 Smart Cities of India. Yesterday government of India short-listed 100 cities across the whole country. These will be developed by adopting certain criteria, as Smart Cities of India but still these cities have to undergo a test which will decide the finalists for this dream project.

With the initial selection, Udaipurites are quite happy and are very confident that our beautiful city would make it to the final list.

The cities will be finalized after they clear the tests like proper sewerage & drainage, cleanliness, public toilets, basic amenities, slum free etc.

We asked our fellow Udaipurites about their views of a ‘Smart City’ and they replied very Smartly indeed:

According to me a Smart City should have following:

  • Literacy should be 100%
  • CCTV Cameras everywhere.
  • Open WiFi.
  • Sustainable Environment.
  • Organized traffic system.


Neelam Sharma, Teacher

My views of a Smart City are:

  •  Live status updates on traffic patterns.
  • Control over pollution.
  • Proper parking space.
  • Improved public transport system.
  • Emergency services on mobile apps like ambulance, police, fire-brigade etc.


Madhur Sachdev, President, WeCare Udaipur

  • Usage of solar energy so as to reduce consumption of non renewable resources of energy.
  • Metro in Udaipur : It will reduce traffic as well as reduce petrol and diesel consuption.


Vijeta Purbia

A Smart City, according to me should strictly follow these criteria.

  •  Employment : Proper job to the desired person.
  • Opportunities for Investment.
  • Safety and security to all.
  • Quality Education.
  • Environment Sustainability.


Gyanika Karapuria, Engineering Graduate


According to the guidelines of the Ministry of Urban Development, a Smart City will be having the following:

  1. 20% of the houses should be allotted to the
  2. At least 2mtr wide footpaths.
  3. School and a park should be within a periphery of 400mts.
  4. Public conveyance facility within 800mts.
  5. 24 x 7 electricity and water supply.
  6. Maximum 45 mins to reach from one destination to another within the city.
  7. WiFi connectivity.
  8. Reserved area of around 15% for educational purpose.
  9. Proper project assignment for Sewerage & drainage.
  10. One dispensary per 15000 and One hospital of 30 beds per 1lacs people.
  11. One Primary school per 2500, One Secondary school per 5000, One Senior Secondary per 7500 people. A full-fleshed school till class 12th for a population of 1lac. Also, college per 1.25 lac population and a University per 10 lac population.


We will be waiting for your responses. Please do write back to us at feedback@udaipurlakecity.com or comment below.

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