Walk In to the March for Justice : Candle March for Dilip Chittora


As we all know Udaipur is best known for its peace, serenity and calmness. But day-by-day the increasing terror and crime is becoming a major threat, especially the ones reported on 100 feet road. In the past year there have been a series of incidents being reported one after the other.

The major includes theft committed at a gym, the robbery of Rs. 50,000 and ornaments from a house, the death of a person in a road accident due to delay in emergency treatment and services , chain snatching , along with cases of eve teasing and harassments . All these followed by a recent daylight murder reported on 21st November, 2014 (Friday) at 100 Feet Road (Udaipur), where Mr. Dilip Chittora was brutally murdered & stabbed down over property row by 7-8 uncivilized elements of the society. The next can be you, your daughter, your son, your closed one or me.

We very well know that 100 feet road have been a midway connecting the Bhuwana bypass to university road and providing an ease in transportation with time saving. Also it has become the common trespassing way for youngsters to go to celebration mall. Also this road has many renowned schools attached to it. Just imagine when your closed one chooses to visit PVR and switches off the phone. The next call you receive is from police station or when you find your son or daughter missing on the way from school to home. Words can hardly define the pain you might be having deep within yourself at that very moment. Ironically, the pain can’t be felt until you become a victim of the crime.

According to our administration “Crime is not punished, being caught is punished” which have proved to be a very strange situation where caught criminals are in jail and those not caught may be very powerful people of the society. This is clearly evident when even after 5 days of the reported black day, criminals manage to be out of arrest from police custody. “The whole idea of punishment is barbarous. The legal system should change its foundations. Every crime should be treated as a mental disease”. But it is a high demand of the time that administration should wake up and adopt the concerned measures (Proper lamp posts, Police security, emergency facilities, etc.) in order to ensure safety of citizens. Let your daughters and sons feel safe while crossing the road even alone at midnight.

In regard t o this a candle march is being organized from Town Hall to Collectorate Office, Udaipur on 28th November 2014 at 5pm. A plea for fair and early justice to late Mr. Dillip Ji Chittora. Kindly be a part of this candle march of justice and safety with your family and relatives in order to ensure that no such loss occurs in any family of our city in coming future & to make an appeal to concerned authorities to look into this and arrest the culprits immediately.

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