A Day With The New Cricketing Sensation of The City


It is said that Cricket resides in every Indian’s blood. There are many who just love to watch it but there are many others as well, who are struggling to achieve new heights in the field of cricket, but it needs immense determination and strong will power to step further up from others and make your name shine dazzlingly.

This first milestone has been conquered by the Talented Batsman of our city, Vineet Saxena, by performing his best on the biggest stage of Domestic Cricket in India; The Ranji Trophy. His name now needs no introduction to any Udaipurite. The mammoth 257 runs inning against Tamil Nadu in the Final of the Ranji Tournament 2011-12 has made him a new ‘Star of the City’.



This inning of his, lead Rajasthan team to a victory over Tamil Nadu as Rajasthan retains their title. With his keen dedication and willingness for the game, he has achieved greater heights in the Domestic Cricket and is now looking forward for his selection in Team India and IPL.

We had a small conversation with him and we put up some questions which he answered in a very matured and generous way :

Tell us something about your family.

I was born on December 3rd, 1980 and am the only child to my parents. My father, Late Mr. Ashok Kumar Saxena was a mining engineer and my mother, Mrs. Sushila Saxena is a housewife. My wife’s name is Anubhuti and we have a little daughter named Anvita. I did my schooling from Maharana Mewar Public School and did B.Com from CCMS, MLSU. I also enrolled for CFA (Charted Financial Analyst) and cleared two groups of it but because of cricket and some family issues after my father’s death I was not able to concentrate on it so it is on halt at the moment.

Why did you join Cricket as a Career?

My uncle, Mr. Subodh Saxena and his son, my elder cousin Mr. Ashish Saxena used to play cricket for Madhya Pradesh. They both inspired me a lot to play cricket and moreover, cricket was my passion since childhood.

What do you like to say about your double tonne?

I was very happy when I reached the 100 run mark but when it got doubled then my feelings were very high. I was enjoying the moment and was very happy to achieve that milestone. When I came back to the dressing room I relaxed a bit and was very proud of my achievement but was more delighted of my contribution to my team’s success.



Who is your inspiration?

I was very much inspired by my father. He supported me a lot. When I was young, I got the best facilities, whatever best I could get. My mother had a different point of view towards it. She thought that no one can survive by only playing games, he needs to study hard to get better results and should aim for a good job. But my father never stopped me from playing. He used to say, ‘Beta, jitna khelna hai khelo, par saath-saath me padhai me bhi dhyaan rakhna’
I was also inspired by my coach, Mr. Dinesh Jaimon who helped me a lot in nourishing my strengths and improving my performance. He taught me to tackle tough situations and rectified my weaknesses.

Which is your favorite ground?

‘Chepauk’ (M.A. Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai) no doubt, now top the list of my favorite grounds and also luckiest for me as I got a double tonne there but the SMS Stadium at Jaipur is also very good to bat on. The Field Club and M.B. College grounds are also in my favorites.

Who is your favorite cricketer?

I like the style of Rahul Dravid and am very much inspired by his way of occupying the crease for longer time period. The more time you spend at the crease, the more you get to score. Just wait and watch every delivery. If it is a good ball, just respect it but if it is in your slot then always try to put it for runs.

What is your favorite activity in free time when you are not playing?

I used to spend my free time with my family and friends and also like to enjoy with my hobby of listening music.

What are your future aims?

After this performance I am definitely aiming for a place in Team India. I think this is the best chance for me so I will give my best shot and hopefully will make it to the team. I am consistently working on my weaknesses and shortcomings and side-by-side I am trying to polish out my strengths to make them much stronger.

At this age of 31, do you still hope for a place in Team India?

The best example in this scenario is of the Australian batsmen, Michael Hussey. He made his International debut for Australia at the age of 31 and is still serving his team with his efforts. He is the backbone of Australian middle order. Even there are senior players in our team whose experience helps us a lot. The maturity and experience of mine will overcome the age factor and I will provide my best, if given a chance.

Anything you like to say to the young bloods of our city?

Only thing I want to say is that one should be involved in any kind of sporting activities as it keeps us physically fit and mentally strong. It also teaches us to handle success as well as defeat. Life is all about success and failures. When you are at the top then everyone appreciate you but during the loss of form everyone criticize you.

“He came to me at the age of 13 and was a very calm and quite boy. He had only few shots to play with no shots from the books. But now he has improved himself and you can see the result in front of you. Coaches do play an important role but I give whole credit to him only. Its because of his efforts and dedication, he has reached this milestone. I am quite sure he will definitely make it to the national team. He has so much gratitude that whenever he makes a tonne, he used to call me and inform me that he has reached a century. I am very much familiar to his family and because of their rich culture he has learned to respect everyone. The thing which I like the most in him is his eagerness to learn. He never let ego to conquer his heart and mind. Anyone can be a good cricketer but what is important is to be a good human and he is indeed a very nice hearted boy.”

Dinesh Jaimon

(Vineet’s Coach)

“He joined the Mewar Cricket Club at the age of 11-12 when his father brought him to me in 1993-94. He has got immense commitment towards the game. I’ve seen only one father who used to say to his son that you can bunk your school to play game and it was Vineet’s father, Mr. Ashok Saxena. He used to enjoy Vineet’s batting while sitting on the stairs of M.B. Ground”

Balwant Sharma

(Vice-President, UDCA)

“I was very confident of him and I always thought that one day he will definitely make his name popular in the field of cricket. His hard work and dedication has put him at this place and he will soon make his place in Team India. I wish him all the best for his future.”

Manoj Choudhary


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