Veteran Theater Artist ‘Rizwan Zaheer Usmaan’ No More


The king of theater, the legendary artist Rizwan Zaheer Usmaan passed away today evening at around 4:50pm at his home. He was writing from last 45 years and was suffering from kidney disease from quite a long time. He was on a dialysis which he had to gone through every week.

After hearing about this sad demise of their guru, many of his fans and students gathered at his home 15, Bhootmahal near Hathipole. His last ride will be carried out from his home to Ashwini Bazar Cemetry tomorrow at 9am.

He conducted over 150 and directed over 50 plays. He was also awarded with ‘Life Time Achievement’ award by Sangeet Natya Academy. For his play ‘Kalpana Pishach‘ he was awarded with ‘Devi Lal Samar Natya Lekhan‘ award by Literature Academy. His play ‘Lomadiyan‘ has been awarded with the best play at All India Play Competition.

His followers conducted a play ‘The Dialysis‘ in March this year to generate some funds which he needed for his dialysis every week where this gleeful person said “मैं रहूँ या ना रहूँ, थियेटर हमेशा ज़िन्दा रहेगा…

We pay homage to him and pray for a peaceful life of his family members.

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