Value Addition : Adding values to life of others and ourselves

First of all Happy New Year to all !!!

When I was about to write on this topic I was quite confused, I was in dilemma that what exactly you can say value addition is all about? It is all about adding value to your life or to others life or something else? LIFE the word itself is soooooo big. Every person interprets in its own way LIFE the most precious gift of GOD.And adding value by helping others, motivating others, guiding others or be it be in a way to enhance own ability, personality and quality. What so ever we are doing is adding some value to our life? It can be a negative value or the positive one. It is depending on us that how we are taking this value addition.


For sure it is very easy to say that you should always think positive, act positive, you should not hurt others etc. These statements you must have heard every now and then and must be fed up of them. It is really difficult to follow these saying especially when the things go against you or out of your control. YES, it is difficult to follow but not IMPOSSIBLE. Just give a try you will feel good.


Just try this : make atleast one person smile from his heart once in a day, you yourself will get the result. That will give you inner satisfaction, you will feel happy from inside and that’s the moooooooooost beautiful feeling. Someone known or unknown is smiling because of you. Even it’s just for a minute that means you have given him 60 seconds of happiness. You have added value to his life as well as your life too. It is not necessary that you should do or say something to others to make them feel better. Sometimes a touch or a silence or an eye contact or just a nodding of head assuring the other person that you are with him and you have a faith in him. That assurance, that faith, that trust also means a lot to him. What is important is expressing the feeling or emotions at the correct time. Because when it is time to emote feelings to a person, if you do not do it at the correct time then afterwards that doesn’t make a sense. You never know what turn will your life take and then let us enjoy the adventure of unknown journey by not worrying about future.



I mean of course you should have a goal in life and a focused vision for it too. But worry!!! Worry does not make things better instead it will add negativity to your life. Why adding negativity to your life by yourself. Let the life dance on the music of time and you are the most beautiful part of it.


Please help yourself, add value to your life by doing whatever you want to do, do not think what others will say. If dancing in the rain gives you happiness, do it. If singing aloud when you are happy gives you pleasure, do it. If crying heals your soul then do it. Do not think what others will say because in the end and above all, it’s your life.


Be what you are. Be natural. You will beautify your life and that will create an impact on others too. Your value addition will help others to come out of their boundaries, their shells. Live your life at the fullest and set an example for others. Get out of the fear of the society. We are social animals but not the prisoners of society.


So finally I would conclude that in my view value addition means living a meaningful life. Adding value means doing deeds what you feel is right and getting inner satisfaction and healing our soul. Last but not the least it means LIVING, not mere Existing in this world. So take a pledge that from today we will do something constructive for adding meaning to our lives. I’ll not resist myself from using the caption of blood donation ad :

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Ankita Baheti (Anku)

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