TTE assaulted Udaipur Boy in Rajdhani Express


Since childhood, railway journey is something which we love to do everytime. We all feel very excited when we spot a train going nearby or going over a flyover above us. It is always so exciting to see a train and to travel in it. But this enthusiasm about Train journey was very disappointing for a local boy who was travelling from Chennai to Delhi via the Rajdhani Express. He was assaulted by the TTE of the train and was beaten and harassed like a criminal.

Varun Sanadhya of Udaipur, posted his experience on various social platforms and they got viral everywhere. Se what he wrote:

 “‪My story‬ Beware of TT in Rajdhani express (Chennai – Delhi). I was happy and excited about going my home in Udaipur (Rajasthan) via Delhi. I booked an AC ticket through broker to Delhi from Chennai. The broker called me and told that the ticket has been confirmed in Duronto. As I was pre-loaded and highly puzzled due to some personal work In all the hurry and burry I boarded Duranto on 29th May. After boarding the train I got to know that the ticket that had been booked by the broker was of Rajdhani (I dint receive sms as it was booked by the broker, he just confirmed me the bogie no. and seat, I had the pdf of the ticket ) I had boarded the wrong train because I trusted the broker and did not check the whole ticket myself. I got really puzzled and anxious what to do? I was up for paying penalty and continue the travel in Duranto.At balarshah station duranto stopped and to my surprise it met rajdhani there. It was like getting a life for me and in all my excitement I ran to Rajdhani . I was trying to find my seat and met one of my female friend there she was already travelling in Rajdhani, she and I walked together to my seat and enquired the co passengers and found that my seat had not been allotted to anyone. we sat there and I asked the caterer pankaj singh and shekhar to give me a water bottle. He asked me how am I showing myself now. He told that now I will have to pay 3000 rs as fine. I told him about the mishap and finally he told that you pay for the loss of food cost incurred to him that is rs 300 and he will go inform the TT and nothing will happen. Soon the caterer shekhar returned and told me that TT was calling me. He took me to the pantry where on duty TT GS CHOPRA was standing he asked from where did I board the train . I replied balarshah as soon as I say this he slapped me hard and before I could recover from the shock I was thrown to the ground and slept few more times as soon as I was on my feet i was again thrown to the seat where another TT was sitting .Now I was at a confined place in pantry cart where around 15-20 men had surrounded me (including 3 TT’s and pantry workers) the TT started asking me questions in abusive language with repeated hitting he was joined by another TT. I was physically and mentally tortured .

He started questioning about my female friend and soon called her to the pantry despite me repeatedly telling him not to involve the girl in this as she had nothing to do with the incident. She had boarded from the right station and had the ticket as well .He started verbally harassing her. They were intimidating her to accept that we hold some other relationship other than friend she started crying while I kept taking blows. I was threatened to be handed over the police at Nagpur junction and I knew with their version of the story I will have to face more troubles if handed over to police. Finally I was forced to write an apology which was dictated by the other TT and when I refused writing whatever he said I was beaten again.
It was so brutal that I am finding hard to express.I didn’t sleep the whole night of journey as I was so terrorized with the fact that anything could happen to me. I just called up my family and told them whole story. Did I commit a serious crime? Even if I was travelling without ticket he could have fined me or asked me to get down at the next station I paid for the ticket from Chennai to Delhi yet I was brutally beaten and me and my friend were harassed. Are we safe travelling in the trains where the on board staff including TT have such attitude towards the passenger. Can we expect safety in other trains when the officials of the most respected Indian train doesn’t know how to behave and are disturbingly violent
The next morning We reached Nizamuddin station.My Elder brother was there to receive me as he came running to Delhi after listening to whole Incident. We decided to report this to railway authority as till time we didn’t even know the names of the culprits. We reached the Station Manager and made the complain to him. He was kind enough to provide the names of the TT involved and he expressed the concern over the issue. He assured to punish the culprits but there was a subtle tone which said nothing much gonna happen. The TT was a Delhi staff and it was understood that no strict action would be taken against him.I have made an online complaint too on the newly launched platform but nothing has happened till now. I just want that this thing don’t happen with anyone. Such people should learn a lessons they should know how to treat each passenger as customer. If TT’s of a train are concern to the safety of the passenger how can we feel safe?
I know I could have done a lot of things against this unjust but sometimes you just can’t squeeze the lemon to make lemonade. This was one such day for me.
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Screenshots of Varun’s facebook and twitter profile:



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