Places to visit in Udaipur


Places to visit in Udaipur

Lakes in Udaipur:

Udaipur have a bounteous array of beautiful lakes, lakes that embellish the city. In the glittering cluster of lakes including Read more

Emotions Flowing High With FS Overflowing


Check out the pictures of beautiful FatehSagar Lake aka FS overflowing after a long delay of the monsoon this year. Read more

Nehru Island Garden


Name                     : Nehru Island Garden

Situated                : On an Island amidst FatehSagar Lake

Fountain Timings : 10:00hrs-11:00hrs, 15:00hrs-16:00hrs & 17:00hrs-18:00hrs Read more

Neemuch Mata Temple


Name      : Neemuch Mata Temple

Situated : On a hill at the bank of FatehSagar Lake

Entry fee : Free

Neemuch Mata Temple is located on a hill on the banks of the Fateh Sagar Lake in the city of Udaipur, Rajasthan. This temple is located on a green hill in the Dewali (pronounced Dey-vaa-lee) area of Udaipur. It has both stairs and uphill slope walk way to climb, which is around 900 Meters long. It enshrines the stone idol of Neemuch Mata Devi. There is also an idol of Lord Ganesh and three west facing lions of stone. Read more

Gulab Bagh Garden


Name             : GulabBagh Garden

Situated        : Near the City Palace

Built year      : 18th century

Person build : Maharaja Sajjan Singh

Entry fee        : Free

Gorgeous and ornate, the GulabBagh in Udaipur is a paradisaical pleasure garden spread over a sprawling 100 acres. Laid by Maharana Sajjan Singhji in the 18th century, GulabBagh is also known as Sajjan Niwas Garden and creates soothing vistas with exotic rose beds, fruit trees, orchids and attractive looking plants. Admire pleasure diversions at GulabBagh, Udaipur as you chug along on the Aravalli Express or the luxury toy train that takes you around the park. One of the most beautiful gardens in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India, GulabBagh encompasses within its green folds a zoo and a library that add to your enchanting holiday experience. Acres of rose beds with exotic rose varieties that are not commonly seen in India greet you at the mesmerizing GulabBagh in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. Read more

Saheliyon Ki Bari


Name             : Saheliyon Ki Bari (Garden of Maid)

Situated        : Garden set below the embankment of FatehSagar Lake

Person build : Maharaja Sangram Singh

Entry fee       : ₹5 per head

Saheliyon Ki Bari (Badi), situated in the north of the city, is well maintained, with fountains and kiosks, a delightful lotus pool and marble elephants. There is also a small museum here; of which the main attraction are some stuffed cobras. It was for a group of forty-eight young women attendants who accompanied a princess of udaipur as a part of her dowry. garden is set below the embankment of the fateh sagar lake have beautiful lotus pools, marble pavilions and elephant shaped fountains. Sahelion-ki-Badi (Girl Friends’ Garden or Honoured Girls’ Garden) is a small ornamental garden, just adjoining the east of the embankment of Fatehsagar lake was constructed in its present form by Maharana Fateh Singh after the original garden had been washed away on account of the breach of its old embankment. This unique garden made for princess & Queen. Read more

Maharana Pratap Memorial Park Moti Magri


Name                        : Maharana Pratap Memorial Park (Moti Magri)

Situated                  : At the top of Moti Magri (Pearl Hill) overlooking FatehSagar

Person built             : Maharaja Bhagwat Singh Mewar

Entry fee                   : Adult ₹25 and Child ₹15

Timing                        : 09:00hrs to 18:00hrs

Light & Sound Show : Thrill starts at 19:30hrs at ₹35 per head

Atop the Moti Magari or Pearl Hill, overlooking the FatehSagar lake is the memorial of the Rajput Hero Maharana Pratap with a Bronze Statue of the Maharana astride his favourite horse Chetak. Read more

Bagore Ki Haveli


Name           : Bagore Ki Haveli

Situated       : Situated on the water front of Lake Pichhola near Gangaur Ghat

Built year     : Built in 18th century

Person built : PM of Mewar Amar Chand Badwa

Entry fee       : Indian Adult ₹15, Children ₹10, Foreign Adult ₹25, Camera : ₹100

Timing          : 10:00hrs to 19:00hrs

Bagore Ki Haveli is an ancient building that stands on the platform of Gangore Ghat in the vicinity of Pichhola Lake. The splendid architecture of the mansion boasts of delicate carved work and excellent glass work. In the eighteenth century, Bagore Ki Haveli was built by Amar Chand Badwa, who was the Chief Minister at the Mewar Royal Court in earlier times. When Amar Badwa died, the building came under the possession of Mewar State. Read more

Vintage Car Museum


Name             : Vintage Collection of Cars Museum

Situated        : Within the premises of Graden Hotel

Person built : Maharaja of Udaipur

Udaipur, the most romantic city of Rajasthan with azure waters of several lakes is encircled by the lush hills of the Aravali range. A mesmerizing blend of sights and sounds can be observed in Udaipur. The forts, palaces, gardens and museums of Udaipur fascinate one and all. Read more

ShilpGram Museum


Name      : Shilpgram Museums (Craftsman Village)

Situated : Covered by natural surroundings at foothills of Aravali Hills, near Village Havala

Entry fee : Foreigners ₹25, Adult ₹10, Children ₹7

Timing : 11:00hrs to 19:00hrs

Literally meaning a “Craftsmen Village” is a living ethnographic museum depicting the enormous diversities in craft, art & culture between various Indian states, but the exquisite terracotta work mainly in dark red and dark brown sand material along with the wooden carvings are the forte of this ethnic village . Shilpgram comprises 26 huts set in 70 acres of natural surroundings at the foot of the Aravali Hills.A colorful craft festival during winter seasons to the whole set up induces viatanity and zeal. Read more