Sloppy India throws in the towel


You ask a layman who doesn’t have much of the cricketing sense regarding opening the innings with at least one in-form batsman or both of them going out of form.  “Bang on”, he would say, “I’d pick the man in form!” And when asked why that is, with a sarcastic smile on his face, “common sense!” is what he calls it. So if you too are one of those who haven’t seen blunders committed in 7 business hours, some bizarre picks in those 420 minutes of the game and in the end, throwing in the towel like a boxer does, welcome to Indian Cricket!

It was a tailor made situation for Dhoni when India were 6 down for 191 but then there was no Dhoni for you to go for that wild goose chase. The Pathan power seem to have carried his legacy for some time but a Pathan can’t be a Dhoni so India called it a day with handing over a 51 runs victory to the Lankans. It was all started by Sehwag when he tried to free his arms on the very second delivery of the Indian innings and was caught at third man. Gambhir and Tendulkar could not capitalize on their starts and fell prey to Kulasekara who was bowling to a plan. The onus of chasing was then carried by the young guns Kohli and Raina who were made to toil on every single run they scored. Chandimal deserved the due credit for their 92 run partnership when he dropped Kohli twice. Pathan’s inning was more than a cameo that helped the Indians take it to 238 and kept Sri Lanka away from earning another bonus point.

If Indian openers looked out of sorts, their counterparts were not in any such mood and put together 95 runs for the first wicket. With thrilling 62 by Thirimane, Dilshan’s half century and Mathews fireworks towards the end, Indian bowling seemed all over the place. The decision of going with Raina for the penultimate over and more surprisingly throwing the ball to Kohli for the ultimate one, defied all the cricketing logics and they too proved it right by giving as many as 24 runs in those 12 deliveries and let the scoreboard say it all with 290 runs target.

So the Indians have dug a hole for themselves now after two consecutive losses and Sri Lanka are a win away from sitting on the top of the table. That means there is some vacancy for the so called nerds who will have the tasks of calculating the run rates and forming equations and the Indians, specially, will wait for their word of mouth. But if making a place in the finals is what you are eyeing for, come out with some better picks for the playing eleven and don’t invite gallows humor by handing the ball to your part timers in the crucial death overs. Rest we leave it to some fate. May the Blue bleeders listen to Mr. Layman and let common sense prevail.


SriLanka – 289/6 in 50 RR – 5.78

H Thirimanne (c Raina b Ashwin) – 62(62)

T Dilshan (c Patel b Ashwin) – 51(72)

India – 238/10 in 45.1 RR – 5.26

V Kohli (c Kulasekara b Perera) – 66(83)

I Pathan (c and b Perera) – 47(34)

Result : SriLanka won by 51 runs.

News by : Kapil Sanadhya

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