Saheliyon Ki Bari


Name             : Saheliyon Ki Bari (Garden of Maid)

Situated        : Garden set below the embankment of FatehSagar Lake

Person build : Maharaja Sangram Singh

Entry fee       : ₹5 per head

Saheliyon Ki Bari (Badi), situated in the north of the city, is well maintained, with fountains and kiosks, a delightful lotus pool and marble elephants. There is also a small museum here; of which the main attraction are some stuffed cobras. It was for a group of forty-eight young women attendants who accompanied a princess of udaipur as a part of her dowry. garden is set below the embankment of the fateh sagar lake have beautiful lotus pools, marble pavilions and elephant shaped fountains. Sahelion-ki-Badi (Girl Friends’ Garden or Honoured Girls’ Garden) is a small ornamental garden, just adjoining the east of the embankment of Fatehsagar lake was constructed in its present form by Maharana Fateh Singh after the original garden had been washed away on account of the breach of its old embankment. This unique garden made for princess & Queen.

A profusion of flowers, well laid court-yards and lotus-pool studded with water fountains guarded by four marble elephants-each elephant sculptured out of a single piece of stone-will feast the eyes of visitors. Spacious and well maintained lawns beautified by blooming flowers and the setting of huge groves of trees present a spectacular sight to enjoy.

The fountains at Saheliyon Ki Bari give a marvelous feeling of rain without monsoon. The technique of operating the fountains is energy conserving and oriented upon the gravitational force principle. When the fountains are in their showery action creating rain-like sounds, white elephants emit water through their lovely trunks on lotus leaves, water rains down the circular eaves of the chhatri standing in a huge water pool-visitors find themselves amidst the rain-like scenes and atmosphereto be seen, believed and enjoyed.

The garden has assumed the attraction of one of the glamor spots of the city for cine-film-shooters and has contributed considerably to the scenic beauty of a number of film pictures.

On completing his visit of the garden, the visitor will feel himself carried-into a fairy-land permeated with romantic air. The garden is open to visitors from morning to evening during scheduled hours. Saheliyon Ki Bari is one the most beautiful gardens and a major tourist destination in Udaipur. The garden is famous for its lush green lawns, marble art and fountains. English translation of Saheliyon Ki Bari means “Garden of maids”. This renowned garden is located on the banks of Fateh Sagar Lake, presenting a green retreat in the dry lands of Rajasthan. Garden of maids was built in the 18th century by Maharana Sangram Singh for the royal ladies.

As per the legends, the garden was designed by the king himself and he presented this garden to his queen. Actually, the Queen was accompanied by 48 maids in her marriage. To offer all of them, pleasurable moments away from the political intrigues of the court, this garden was made. This patterned garden used to be the popular relaxing spot of the royal ladies. The queen with her maids and female companions used to come here for a stroll and spend their time in leisure.

Due to this fact, the garden got its name. The superb architecture of the garden provides a breath-taking view to any observer. The garden is embellished with numerous fountains in its four water pools, chiseled kiosks and marble elephants. It is also celebrated for its lotus pool and bird-fountains. The lush green lawns, flowerbeds, and marble pavilions further enhance the romantic ambience of this magnificent garden.

In the later years, Maharana Bhopal Singh really liked this place and built a pavilion of rain fountains. The thought was to form an illusion of rain dancing in cadence with dancing maids. The Kings used to enjoy around the pools and fountains of this garden. These fountains were imported from England and you can trace them along with the main reservoir of the garden. The main reservoir has four black marbled kiosks in its corners and one white marbled kiosk in its center. On the top of kiosks, these fountains are in the form of sculpted birds that spurts water from their beaks producing the rain effect.

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