Roadways Bus Crushed Two To Death


In a tragic incident yesterday evening, a speedy Rajasthan Roadways bus crushed two villagers near village Loyra. According to the sources, a roadways bus was travelling from Sayra to Surat.

At around 6:30 pm the bus was at Loyra where it took over a bike and crushed two villagers to death. This accident took place near Vrindavan Farm house and both men died on the spot. The bikers were on a Hero CD Deluxe bike numbered RJ 27 -SN- 6046 and were going to their home when suddenly this fast moving bus numbered RJ 27 -PA- 3810  hit them from back and both men were crushed under the front wheel of the bus. The impact was so strong that the bus dragged the bike to about 30fts. The bikers were from a village near Gogunda.

Note : Pictures may be disturbing for some viewers. Viewer discretion is strictly advised.










Inputs by : Rajiv Dave and Saurabh Sharma

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