RJ Pradeep Pandey


Good Morning!!! Udaipur…….. Words spoken by someone to make you awake every morning………Entertained the enitre Udaipur for a very long time………………… The son of the soil………….. Yes, we are talking about none other than yours & truly yours RJ PRADEEP PANDEY……….. Lets have a look on the life of an Anchor turned Radio Jockey.

“He admits that he is mad because there is no genius without madness.”

He started, struggled, sat hopeless, looking for a helping hand, got very upset at times. But, you never know who is hunting you. He started off as an anchor on the stage and then became an RJ with a huge fan-following. He continued with his efforts and kept on proving himself. Now, this rising star has got a few contracts from Mumbai….. guess for what….. arre baba…….as usual for movies……. He is currently working in few movies under the big banners.


Our UdaipurLakeCity.com team, interviewed this RJ of the town. He never forgets his talent of anchoring which has given him all this exposure. Despite a few contracts from Bollywood, he loves to settle down in his own town he argues. He loves to eat Dal-Baati very much and passionate about anchoring & acting.

Pradeep, you have made us feel so great to be from Udaipur.

When Udaipur called you, you answered the call and proved yourself. Now, Mumbai is calling you!!! Take the lead and go ahead with your strong business acumen & spirits.

We on the behalf of entire team of UdaipurLakeCity.com congratulate you on your successful career track.

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