Resident Doctors OR Resident Fighters


It is said that God exists on earth in form of Doctors but there is a whole different story at Udaipur’s MB Hospital. Here, the Resident Doctors adopt the form of Devils, almost every day and night. VERY HARSH BUT VERY TRUE. Don’t know, it is because of the workload or any other reason or it is just a matter of ego and show-off but it is a scenario of almost everyday in the most prestigious hospital of the district.

Doctors are treated and worshipped as God by everyone but if God will beat people like this then what will they do. In an incident yesterday at MB Hospital, Resident Doctors brutally attacked the relatives of a patient.

According to a source, Jitendra Singh Chouhan, a faculty at College of Technology & Engineering (CTAE) admitted her mother Indira Kunwar, resident of Banswara, to MB Hospital after she fell ill and was being referred to Udaipur by the doctors of Banswara. Last night when there was a continuous downfall in her health, Singh approached a doctor for some help where the doctor told him to come in few minutes. When he approached the doctor second time, the doctor assaulted him and refuses to come. On seeing the incident, all residents gathered and started beating him brutally. Singh got his hand fractured and got injuries on his ear. This was not enough as the doctors started beating other relatives as well, including ladies.


Jitendra Singh with his wife and relative

When the media arrived at the place, the doctors misbehaved with them as well. After the news spread, ADM (City) Yaseen Pathan and ASP Tejraj Singh also reached the spot and tried to resolve the matter.

President of LakeCity Press Club, Mr. Akhtar Husain and others, lodged an FIR against the doctors at the Hathipole Police Station.


Resident Doctors fighting with Media Personnels

The incident raised many questions which are not answerable. Are the doctors made for this??? How their souls ask them to do such activities??? Are they too busy in their personal life so they have no time for patients??? Or is it just a way of showing off their fake pride!!! Incidents like these, does create a huge setback on other patients and their relatives and the doctors must look up for the sake of the post which have been allotted to them.


Jitendra Singh Chouhan

We urge all the doctors to maintain the dignity of their post and ask them to be calm and composed as they have a more precise value than the real God.

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