Ranbeer’s Fan Battling Out For Him


It seems that Bollywood and Controversies go side by side. It was not so long that Shahrukh Khan was found guilty of smoking at the SMS Stadium in Jaipur and now its time for the Rockstar of bollywood, Ranbeer Kapoor. Recently, while Kapoor was shooting at Udaipur’s Gangaur Ghat area for his upcoming movie ‘Ye Jawani Hai Deewani‘ he was found smoking during the rest time and was smartly captured by Mujtaba RG, a photo-journalist from a local website UdaipurBlog.

This picture spread like fire in the jungle across the media and a local resident lodged a complaint in a court against Kapoor under CrPC Section 156(3). Ranbeer was summoned by the court and he has to be present in the court on June 26, 2012. Ranbeer was summoned under the violation of Rajasthan Prevention of Smoking Act, Section 5. Under this act, he can be sentenced to an imprisonment of six months or Rs. 200 fine.

While all these allegations were making news across the city and the glamor industry, a fan of Ranbeer step out, took her camera in her hand and visited the same place where she found people smoking in public and violating the Rajasthan Prevention of Smoking Act but nobody notice them.

Niharika Sanadhya, a local resident and a student of Photography from Sir J.J. School of Applied Arts, Mumbai is a die hard fan of Ranbeer Kapoor and she was quite upset by the allegations against her favorite actor. She took her camera and captured various locals smoking in the same area Gangaur Ghat and Jagdish Chowk where Ranbeer Kapoor was found guilty but these common people were un-noticed by one and all.

She says that “Why only celebrities are accused while others are doing the same offence.” “People only try to gain name and fame by doing so against any Celebrity” she added. She wants that government and judicial bodies should act equally against all and there should be no discrimination between a common man and celebrity.

Here is the picture in which Ranbeer was captured smoking:


Ranbeer Smoking at Gangaur Ghat.

(Note : Cigarette Smoking is injurious to health)

And following are the pictures taken by Niharika:


Child Labour


Child Labour


Local women washing clothes at Gangaur Ghat which is prohibited.


Beer Bottles (in circle) at Gangaur Ghat thrown by local people.


The exact place where Ranbeer was also found smoking.

(Note : Cigarette Smoking is injurious to health)


Leisure smoking by couple at gangaur ghat, the exact place where Ranbeer was found smoking.

(Note : Cigarette Smoking is injurious to health)


Men smoking at Jagdish Chowk, outside a temple where burning incense sticks are clearly visible.

(Note : Cigarette Smoking is injurious to health)

Besides all this matter, we UdaipurLakeCity.com just want to say that there should be an equal punishment for equal offence but the celebrities also need to look at this point that there are millions of their fans who follows them at every juncture of time so they should also keep an eye on themselves before crossing the limit.

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