Kuch Khatta Kuch Meetha : Rail Budget 2012


The most awaited day for thousands of travelers across the country was not so good after a price hike in all types of classes of Railways in the Rail Budget of 2012-13 which was announced today by Railway Minister Mr. Dinesh Trivedi. Railways have announced a price hike after 10 years for which the excuse of the minister was that there is a need to put out the Railways from ICU else it will have to suffer immensely in the coming years.

Adding insult to the injury of Udaipurites, there were no new declarations for us in this budget. Only thing which we got was the extension of Udaipur-Ajmer Express to Jaipur. On the other side, a cold war has begun between the TMC head and former Railway Minister Mamta Banerjee and Dinesh Trivedi. According to the sources, Mamta Banerjee is very unhappy by this price hike and has denied the fact that she was consulted prior finalizing the budget. She has condemned this work of Trivedi and as a chief of the party, has ordered him to take back the price hike.

The increased prices of various classes are as follows:

First AC    –    30p/km
Second AC    –    15p/km
Third AC    –    10p/km
Sleeper    –    5p/km
Second Sleeper    –    3p/km
General    –    2p/km
Platform Ticket    –    Rs. 3 to Rs. 5

The opposition parties have opposed this hike while the Congress backs it by saying that it was a necessary step for the improvement of the Railways.

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