Quiz Based Learning System “Project Utkarsh” start of Phase III


Re-Assessment of 200 students completed online

The third phase of “Project Utkarsh – a Quiz Based Learning System (Quiz Academy)” is kicked off, which is an initiative by Udaipur district collector Ashutosh AT Pedhnekar  in association with Moinee Foundation, Jaipur and Department of Education, Udaipur, to improve the quality of education in government schools.

As part of the initiation, online re-assessment of over 200 students was conducted at the Pacific University campus. First assessment of these students was conducted on 1st March as part of phase-1.

The second phase of Project Utkarsh, comprises of implementing the use of ‘Quiz Academy’ portal and tablet/PC app in the 12 selected schools. All 12 schools fully revived their computer Labs and created Smart-Class setup through QuizAcademy. Daily 2-3 hrs practice was done by students covering 6 subjects. Apart from teaching as smart class, students were able to play quizzes on their tablets and laptops at home to do additional practice.

All students were also given weekly practice assignments online. There was a very good participation by students especially from tribal area schools like Khakhad, Kaalibhint etc, in-spite of limited number of PCs and poor connectivity. Feedback for the project Utkarsh has been very positive from students and teachers, which are shared regularly on Facebook page of the project. (https://www.facebook.com/projectutkarsh)

During the third phase of “Project Utkarsh”, students are being re-assessed to measure qualitative as well as quantitative improvement in their learning. Project is also measuring improvisation on various other areas like school infrastructure, Lab & Smart Class setup & usage, assignment completion, utilization of tablets and Laptops for study etc.

As per Mr Manish Sharma, Project Coordinator from Moinee foundation, initial data trend is very encouraging on all the fronts. Over 200 student’s re-assessment was completed today at Pacific Campus and initial analysis reports will be made available to Collector Udaipur, Mr. Ashutosh AT Padhenekar and education department in a week’s time.

Mr Vinod Mathur, Nodal Officer-Project Utkarsh also shared that popularity of this project is increasing so fast that other schools are personally reaching out to implement Project Utkarsh in their schools. Hemlata Menaria (ADEO – Academic), Gautam Bhatt, Vinay Bissa, remote support team of Moinee Systems technical team and school coordinators played active role in successfully completing the re-assessment event at Pacific University.

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