Is PVR, Cheating with Udaipurites…!!!


PVR, one of the largest cinema chains in India, is now getting from worse to worst…!!!

We strongly adhere to this fact as one such incident took place with one of our team member. On 5th April 2012, at around 6pm, Ajay Porwal (a member of Team ULC) went to PVR to buy a ‘PVR Discount Card‘ for Rs. 800 which allows buying ticket and/or food worth Rs. 1000 from PVR.

He informed the staff member that using the Discount Card he wants to see the movie Titanic and then he purchased the card. The staff member told Ajay that he cannot use that card on 5th, so the staff member booked his tickets for Titanic for the 10:50am show on 6th of April.


When Ajay reached PVR on 6th at 10:15am, the concerned people over there told him that he cannot use the card today till 6pm as the card requires 24 hrs to activate. He told the staff member that he was not informed about this yesterday, otherwise he wouldn’t have booked the tickets. But the staff member argued that the man would have told him about the activation period. After a 5-10 min. discussion, he gave Ajay the tickets (125*4=500) + amount (300) which summed up to Rs. 800 and took Ajay’s Discount card worth Rs.1000.

Neither the staff members knew the activation period nor it was mentioned in the terms and conditions or the FAQs. They wasted our team member’s time and he got loss of (1000-800 = Rs. 200) and also the transportation cost to go to PVR from Patel Circle (near Sec.11) to buy the Card.



They didn’t even canceled his card. He received 2-3 messages till now from PVR, which says that his card is being redeemed, means someone else is using card with his name and information.


It may be a wrong doing by the local staff members of PVR Udaipur without any involvement or knowledge of the top level authorities but still, it is one of the type of frauds that PVR is doing with Udaipurites. Today, it happened with a concerned person but may be, some other day, they would do the same with you or someone else. It is not just for the matter of money but one of the most renowned cinemas like PVR is committing such type of frauds which slowly decreases the trust of customers.

We all must raise our voice against it so that no one else could become the victim of such type of frauds in future.

Composed by : Nikita Pokharna

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