Ghamasan Show of India TV telecasted from Udaipur


The very popular show of India TV based on current State Elections was telecasted from Udaipur last night. The show was hosted by Prateek Trivedi. This pre-election show which was a way of communication between the Candidates and Common people was shooted at the most happening and the most beautiful place of the city, FatehSagar. Many people attended this program and asked questions to the candidates of various parties. Here are some pictures of the event. Read more

Watch NaMo Narendra Modi LIVE On Your Desktop

Note : The LIVE Telecast of the event has ended but you can enjoy the recorded speech of NaMo.

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Kuch Khatta Kuch Meetha : Rail Budget 2012


The most awaited day for thousands of travelers across the country was not so good after a price hike in all types of classes of Railways in the Rail Budget of 2012-13 which was announced today by Railway Minister Mr. Dinesh Trivedi. Railways have announced a price hike after 10 years for which the excuse of the minister was that there is a need to put out the Railways from ICU else it will have to suffer immensely in the coming years. Read more