Neither you Win nor do we Lose


It was that tenure of ODI cricket when the cricket pundits started saying, ‘The format is losing its charm’, come Adelaide and you’ll not be willing to listen to them anymore. Don’t they say cricket is the game of uncertainties, well, it was more than that.The Don’s den witnessed a cracker jack of a match when the world cup finalists were up against each other putting those 7 hours into the game and at the end of the day, what they had on their hands was a tie and to add to it, the Slinga Malinga bowling the ultimate over to one of the finest finishers of this format, Mahendra Singh Dhoni and none of them ended up on the losing side.

Nothing less than a boundary on the very last delivery could send shivers down any batsman’s spine but it was captain cool who kept his cool when he had to and made sure the opposition doesn’t end on a winning note. If Gambhir set the tone with his sublime 91, Dhoni with his 58 seemed to make up for the failure of other Indian batsmen’s approach to chase a competent target of 237 runs. Expectations were at zenith when the Maestro, Sachin Tendulkar came along with Gautam Gambhir to start the proceedings for India but, were shattered soon when Tendulkar fell cheaply to Nuvan Kulasekara and thereafter wickets kept on falling sporadically. Sri Lanka, who were setting their sights on their first win of the tournament, kept it tight until the very last ball and they too didn’t deserve to lose. The 270 runs target at one stage was restricted to 237 towards the end, thanks to some brilliant bowling figures by Indian bowlers in last ten overs. Chandimal looked solid for his 81 and the skipper Jayawardene made a handy 43. It was again Vinay Kumar who was the pick of the bowlers for India who took three crucial wickets. Ashwin took the venom out of attack claiming both Sangakkara and Perera. Pathan looked his usual self when he was back in business after being a mere visitor for first four matches.

India, now on top of the table in this series, will only get better while Sri Lanka will have to up their ante and hope for some miracles to happen to make their place in the final berth. Dhoni would expect the same commitment from his batters that he’s been showing for last couple of matches. The young blood need to prove their worth and play with some more responsibility. It’s the bowling which has come out of the blue and taken everyone to surprise. With all the bowlers on song, India are looking brutal at this stage. The visitors will eye Sunday for their next match that means the Men in Blue will have enough time to gear themselves up against the Aussies and give them a run for their money.

Scoreboard :

SriLanka – 236/9 in 50 RR – 4.72

D Chandimal (run out R Sharma) – 81(91)

M Jayawardene (lbw b V Kumar) – 43(49)

India – 236/9 in 50 RR – 4.72

G Gambhir (run out N Kulasekara) – 91(106)

MS Dhoni (not out) – 51(69)

Result : Match Tied

News by : Kapil Sanadhya

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