Nehru Island Garden


Name                     : Nehru Island Garden

Situated                : On an Island amidst FatehSagar Lake

Fountain Timings : 10:00hrs-11:00hrs, 15:00hrs-16:00hrs & 17:00hrs-18:00hrs

Garden Timings    : 1st March to 30th October 08:00hrs-19:30hrs

                                 1st November to 28th February 08:30hrs-18:30hrs

Entry Fee               : National Visitors

                                                  Adult (8yrs +) Rs.30 per head

                                                  Child Rs.15 per head


                                                  Adult (8yrs+) Rs.125 per head

                                                  Child Rs.60 per head

The Nehru Garden in Udaipur has derived its name from the first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru. The Park was inaugurated on the birth anniversary of Nehru on 14th November 1967. It is an oval shaped island and lies humbly on the FatehSagar Lake. The garden overlooks the ancient Moti Mahal of Rana Pratap. This island garden is a real delight to the eyes, sitting softly on the calm waters of the Lake and amidst the enchanting hills surrounding it. The Park covers a huge area of about 41 acres with its flower gardens and a lily pond. Since time immemorial, Udaipur has been home to the Royal figures of Rajasthan.

The Rajasthan Royalty have to their credit some of the most majestic palaces and forts that have ever been built in the whole world. Udaipur is also famous for its beautiful lakes and is rightly called the ‘Venice of the East’. Located in the heart of the Aravalli hills, this city beckons a lot of tourists. Among the various tourist attractions, Nehru Garden in Udaipur is well known for its beauty and the splendor of the blossoms.

This garden is one of the most visited sites among the Lakes and Gardens in Rajasthan. It is a great place to unwind after the busy sight seeing tour of the city This sprawling garden has been laid out in the form of an oval shaped island. The garden is built on the crystal clear waters of the FatehSagar Lake and makes for some fantastic views of the surroundings. A visit to this garden guarantees complete peace of mind and soul, as you take a walk around the flower beds, with a gentle breeze blowing over the lake.

The grand Moti Mahal built by Rana Pratap can also be seen from this garden. The park is spread over an area of 41 acres and is one of the largest of its kind in Udaipur. The garden has beautiful flowers in diverse hues and a lily pond that is captivating.

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