Udaipur Music


Folk music in Rajasthan, North India has a long tradition. The common people of Rajasthan, North India work hard all day in the desert heat and in the evenings sing and dance to the folk music played by the local musicians. Folk music in Rajasthan, North India is a mixture of different flavors. There are folk songs dedicated to religious customs, festivals, fairs and deities. If the majestic forts and palaces are the body of Rajasthan then the folk music is the soul of the land of the princes. The folk music gives the people of Rajasthan a means of forgetting the tough living conditions in the Desert and even adds a charm to the Desert land. Rajput Kings, songs in praise of the rain god etc. In Rajasthan the art of music flourished under the patronage of the Rajput Kings who encouraged music in their royal courts.

In Udaipur, folk music is indulged in by one and all. In Udaipur one will find a song for every occasion one can think of be it happy or sad. The traditional music of Udaipur is also religiously significant. The music is melodious and has a rustic touch to it. Most religious songs are based on famous saints and spiritual leaders like Kabirdas, Surdas and Meerabai. Udaipur music is all about very traditional themes and ballads and most songs revolve around the heroic tales of the wars fought by legendary heroes. Read on further to know about Udaipur music.

Udaipur is famous for its puppet shows and the show is incomplete without songs. The folk songs are the most popular in. The themes vary from situation to situation. Since Rajasthan is a desert state, water is a scarce. Most women, while going to fetch water sing songs that revolve around the significance of water. These specific songs that relate to the importance of water are known as “Panihari”. Some songs are based on the theme of two lovers meeting unexpectedly. Some folk songs are sung to depict the insensitive mother-in-laws and sister-in-laws.

The music has not lost its identity and still maintains its traditional style intact. The songs that have been sung since ancient times are still sung today with the same passion and melody. The music is also influenced from nearby states like Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana and Mewar. You may often find that the accent or dialect of a particular state like Gujarat or Punjab is used in the musical styles of Rajasthan.

The voices of the singers, both male and female, are very powerful and sound absolutely refined. The lively and joyous rhythmic music is a delight to hear. Each and every festival has its own set of songs and there is not a single occasion where songs are not sung, be it childbirth or even the rare rains. These songs make the dull and harsh life of Rajasthan bearable and worth living. They infuse color and brightness into the ruthless living conditions of Rajasthan.

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