Maharana Pratap Khel Gaon : Too Little Too Late


In the outskirts of the city, under the shadows of Aravali, UIT and Municipal Council of Udaipur took a task in their hands to make the dream, of thousands of cricket lovers and admirers of city, turn to reality by developing an International level Cricket Stadium so that the cricket fans across the city can see a live match and moreover can watch their superstars very closely. But no one can say when this dream will turn to reality because of the laziness and slow working of the concerned authorities.

After a little construction of the stands, the stadium was handed over to the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA) but there seems to be no further advancement to it. Earlier, the constructing firm was denied of its licence after the frauds of the company came out. The sitting stands were full of cracks due to the use of low quality goods like cement and etc. Order of demolishing the worst parts and repairing the less affected parts were given. Our reporter and camera person visited the location and found that still the conditions are not quite different. There’s a lot of garbage spreading across the ground and lots of tiles in the stands are broken.

The cracks of the stands are filled but does this assure that they are safe and strong enough to hold the capacity crowd.

Adding to the injury is the Marble Slurry dumping yard which is just behind the stadium which can be very harmful to the health of the people. Moreover, it spoils the beautiful picture of our city. The road going to the stadium and dumping yard has turned to white due to the spreading of slurry all around.

We wish that the authorities would take adequate steps to make the dream of many cricket lovers of city, come alive, as soon as possible.

The pictures speak the whole story:

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