Jaisamand Lake


Name             : Jaisamand Lake

Situated         : 48 kms North of Udaipur

Built year      : 1685 AD

Person built : Maharaja Jai Singh

Popularly known as Asia’s second-largest artificial lake, Jaisamand Lake is situated 48 kms away from Udaipur. It has a circumference of around 30 miles and 102 feet depth, which is worth mentioning.

Jaisamand Lake was built by Maharaja Jai Singh in the 17th century and created by damming Gomti River; today it measures 14 km long and 9km wide. There are beautiful chatries (cenotaphs) around this embankment, each with an elephant in front. The summer palaces of the Udaipur Maharanis are also here. The lake features a variety of bird life and the nearby Jaisamand Sanctuary is home of panthers, leopards, deer, wild boars and crocodiles. The forests used to be a favorite hunting ground for the former rulers of Mewar, and elaborate hunting expeditions would frequently take place here.

A trip to Jaisamand Wildlife Sanctuary allows a close encounter with the rich wildlife in their natural habitat. The fauna includes panther, wild boar, deer, four-horned antelope, mongoose and various species of migratory birds.

In the lake there are three islands whose inhabitants use Bhels (boats) to reach the shore. On the top of two nearby hillocks are two old palaces constructed by Maharana Jai Singh. A very fine view of the lake is available from these palaces. Graceful marble chhatris flank the embankment and beautiful summer palaces of the Udaipur queens. Jaisamand Island Resort is also worth visiting.

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  1. Evie Brown
    Evie Brown says:

    if you have more time in udaipur, you should go to jaisamand lake it is 71 k.m. far from udaipur, jaisamand lake is one of the largest lake which is created by nature in asia so dont miss that, go and visit…& highly recommend UdaipurLakeCity.com!!


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