Gulab Bagh Garden


Name             : GulabBagh Garden

Situated        : Near the City Palace

Built year      : 18th century

Person build : Maharaja Sajjan Singh

Entry fee        : Free

Gorgeous and ornate, the GulabBagh in Udaipur is a paradisaical pleasure garden spread over a sprawling 100 acres. Laid by Maharana Sajjan Singhji in the 18th century, GulabBagh is also known as Sajjan Niwas Garden and creates soothing vistas with exotic rose beds, fruit trees, orchids and attractive looking plants. Admire pleasure diversions at GulabBagh, Udaipur as you chug along on the Aravalli Express or the luxury toy train that takes you around the park. One of the most beautiful gardens in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India, GulabBagh encompasses within its green folds a zoo and a library that add to your enchanting holiday experience. Acres of rose beds with exotic rose varieties that are not commonly seen in India greet you at the mesmerizing GulabBagh in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India.

The Saraswati Bhawan Library at GulabBagh is a storehouse of volumes that deal with topics such as history, archaeology, Indology and quite a few very old manuscripts that can trace their origin to the early medieval period. There are several handwritten manuscripts from the ancient past on display at the Gulab Bagh Museum in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. Visit the museum located in the Karan Vilas Mahal in the GulabBagh premises and see curios, antiques, royal household items and other interesting artifacts from the past. Exotic GulabBagh houses a tiny zoo that offers a habitat to wild animals like the chinkara, leopards and tigers apart from a number of feathered species. The Garden also offers a toy train for children and elders.

Sajjan Niwas Garden is the largest garden of Rajasthan, sprawled over 100 acres of land. During 1850’s, Maharana Sajjan Singh took the initiative to built this beautiful garden. Sajjan Niwas Bagh is celebrated for its numerous varieties of roses. Due to abundance of rose flowers, this garden is also known as GulabBagh or Rose Garden. Situated right beneath the banks of Pichhola Lake on Lake Palace Road, GulabBagh is an interesting park in the southeast of City Palace complex.

Innumerable array of roses, which are not common in the lands of India, makes the garden different from others. The arrangement of flower beds forms the highlight of this garden. GulabBagh is a peaceful garden, a virtual forest of flowers, on the rim of the city area. Residents of Udaipur usually visit this place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of this beautiful garden. If you love nature and want to observe it closely, Rose Garden is the best way to explore nature’s splendor.

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