Name      : Gogunda

Situated : 35 kms North -West of Udaipur

Gogunda is a small town (Tahsil) located about 35 km from Udaipur. It is situated on a high mountain in Aravalli hills and is reached by crossing a difficult mountain pass. The great Mewar king Maharana Pratap’s Raj Tilak (coronation) was performed at Gogunda. Gogunda abounds with Hindu and Jain temples.

In past centuries, the village of Gogunda was the seat of a feudal estate administered by a family belonging to the Jhala clan of Rajputs. The estate was part of the princely state of Mewar, and the family was among the major landed barons of that principality. It comprises 75 villages, encompassing a population, in 1901, of 7,708 and a revenue of Rs.24,000/-. It was near Gogunda that the Battle of Haldighati was fought between the armies of Maharana Pratap and the Mughal Army under Raja Man Singh.

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