The Gap : Education System and Industrial Demand


In the present scenario of the employment sector in India, we see a number of our friends are passing every year and are in search of employment with a job giving salary, stability and growth. But most of us are not able to find the same. If some of us get the job, soon we realize that we are not being paid or credited well in proportion against the work delivered.

On the contrary, big reputed companies demand that they still crave for good quality man power that could hold positions in their company, handle their work and they are ready to pay them enough too. So considering both of these situations we could see that there is something that is causing the gap between both of them; The Company and We People.


The gap is due to the vast difference between the education system and the industrial demand. Our education system is based on examination but our job is based on skill and performance. If we get into our history, we’ll come to know that before Britisher’s arrival in India, our own education system was based on skill and performance. Also, at that time, student was judged through his performance by allowing him to show his knowledge in Practical Project allotted to him from school (so called as “Gurukuls” at that time).


When Britisher’s arrived in India, they implemented their education system which involved their subjects viz., Mathematics, English, etc into our schooling against our Vedic Maths, Sanskrit, etc. Guys, it was proved at that time that Indians are stronger than anyone else just because we were having Vedic Maths as our subject as it is much stronger than Maths and easier to learn. Sorry but this is the truth and we have to accept it, but we are still following the education implemented by Britishers in India.

Till date most of the Universities are carrying the old syllabus. When there is a demand of New and Advanced technologies, we are still studying basic programming languages which are out of date from IT companies point of view. If we are not given opportunity to learn what is demanded today in Industries, how we will be able to provide better service for the company.


Not only universities and education system is to be blamed alone. Before selecting a stream of either engineering, medical, commerce, etc. we should first analyze our capacity and compatibility with the stream we opt. We must consult an experienced education consultant regarding recent market openings, present and future demands and then choose accordingly.

Taking admission in MBA and just dreaming that this degree can shower a package of lac rupees is totally an illusion. This problem can be solved if student concentrates on skills and knowledge rather than just passing the exams. “Kisi ne sach hi kaha hai – Kaamyab hone ke liye nahi, Kaabil hone ke liye padho, Kaamyabi to JHAK maar ke aayegi”.

Although, present scenario is real pathetic but if we change it our way, it is believed that we’ll be able to see change in future time and be able to fill the gap between Education system and Industrial Demand.

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Article by : Parth Arora

Also contributed by : Dheeraj Joshi

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