Dhoni Says No More Chase


For those who were getting used to the ‘oh so similar face’ MSD to chase those handsome targets, the Aussies were smart enough this time to put a sky high total of 288 runs and thus giving MSD & co goosebumps in the end by earning the win with a bonus point. Cricket in Australia turned cat in pan when the other night, the hosts lost to the Lankans at the Sydney but at Gabba they completely outplayed the Indians who were the men to beat so far.

A toss lost once again by Dhoni meant a win for the team, at least for the numerology lovers. But the two W’s of Australia, Wade and Warner said it out loud that they mean business when they put those 70 runs in a handful of 13 overs before Indian bowlers shifted their gears and put some break on them and claimed the top three batsmen.

There was comedy of errors when M Hussey took the centre stage and was first given out by the third umpire on a stumping appeal but was called again saying that a wrong button was pressed. Now didn’t Mr. ‘Third Eye’ realize that it’s either a red or a green which is to be pressed?  A hundred run partnership between M Hussey and Forrest put the screws on the Indian bowlers and was followed by some ferocious batting by D Hussey and Christian towards the end thus making sure that their team holds the upper hand.

Chasing a target of 289 was like nailing jelly to a tree and that too in banana swinging conditions. From the very beginning, the Australian pacers never allowed the Indian batters to cut loose and seem to have bayed for their blood. With half of your men back into the dressing room for no more than 82 runs, you would not expect an MS Dhoni to do a turnaround and win it for you but then he had to, he showed some good hands with his 56 but eventually succumbed to the always rising asking rate and lost it by 110 runs.

The tide can now turn in any direction with Sri Lanka still in thick of the series with 7 points and four matches to go. The Aussies have made a strong comeback after two consecutive losses and are raring to go. It’s time when the Indian top order should take matters into their hands and not leave it to Dhoni to finish things off. Come beckons the Tuesday afternoon where the arch rivals India and Lanka will be put to the test. With Australia on top of the table and Sri Lanka a win away from surpassing India, the triangular series seems more interesting than a Bollywood love triangle, isn’t it?


Australia – 288/5 in 50 RR – 5.76

M Hussey (c Raina b Pathan) – 59(52)

P Forrest (c Kohli b Pathan) – 52(71)

India – 178/10 in 43.3 RR – 4.09

MS Dhoni (c Christian b Hilfenhaus) – 56(84)

S Raina (c Wade b Christian) – 28(41)

Result : Australia won by 110 runs.

News by : Kapil Sanadhya

Image Courtesy : espncricinfo.com

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