Places to visit in Udaipur


Places to visit in Udaipur

Lakes in Udaipur:

Udaipur have a bounteous array of beautiful lakes, lakes that embellish the city. In the glittering cluster of lakes including Read more

This Indian Wedding Was Shot On An iPhone In Udaipur And The Pics Speak For Themselves


This Indian Wedding Was Shot On An iPhone In Udaipur And The Pics Speak For Themselves by Israeli Photographer Sephi Bergerson.

For years, photographer Sephi Bergerson had this crazy idea, to shoot an entire wedding with just an iPhone.

Read more

What is actually a Smart City?


Well, a lot of buzz is going around, about the 100 Smart Cities of India. Yesterday government of India short-listed 100 cities across the whole country. These will be developed by adopting certain criteria, as Smart Cities of India but still these cities have to undergo a test which will decide the finalists for this dream project. Read more

TTE assaulted Udaipur Boy in Rajdhani Express


Since childhood, railway journey is something which we love to do everytime. We all feel very excited when we spot a train going nearby or going over a flyover above us. It is always so exciting to see a train and to travel in it. But this enthusiasm about Train journey was very disappointing for a local boy who was travelling from Chennai to Delhi via the Rajdhani Express. He was assaulted by the TTE of the train and was beaten and harassed like a criminal. Read more

Top 10 Reasons to have a Destination Wedding


Here are the top ten reasons to choose Destination Wedding over Traditional Wedding: Read more

Public Kissing Caught On Cam At Dominos Udaipur


Our correspondent, Ajay Porwal captured kissing at public place. This kissing was captured at Dominos Udaipur. Check out the picture of kissing, below. Read more

….. And We Celebrated Friendship Day In Style


It is said that “Zindagi Mein Dost Nahi, Doston Mein Zindagi Mila Karti Hai” and yes, it is damn true. Friendship is a relation which do not have blood bindings but it is much more than a blood relation. Today, Friendship Day was celebrated all over and our very own Udaipurites also enjoyed it in style. Here are few snaps of some of the “Best Buddies of UdaipurRead more

Poem On Udaipur

A very beautiful Poem on Udaipur’s beauty. Read more

वो लकड़ी के बल्ले से लोहा मनवा गया : Farewell to Sachin Tendulkar


एक टेलीविज़न चैनल को सचिन तेंदुलकर के सम्मान में कुछ यह पंक्तियाँ कहते हुए सुना :
करोड़ो के लिए उम्मीद, मगर मैदान में 11 लोगों के लिए सरदर्द… इनके बल्ले से निकली गेंद कभी रुकी नहीं… रुके तो बस स्कूल – कॉलेज – सरकारें… ऊपर वाले को किसने देखा है, मगर यह भी कोई आम इंसान नहीं…Read more

Farewell to the God of Cricket


Everyone in the country is trying to express his/her view on the retirement of the Legendary Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Each and every cricket loving eye is filled with tears but its a universal truth that whatever starts, definitely comes to an end. What is important is to have a positive response. May be one day we might see the God in the form of Coach. Read more