Banks In Udaipur


Address & Phone numbers of some Government & Private Banks in Udaipur.

Udaipur STD Code – 0294

Allahbad Bank,Bank Circle,Bapu Bazar    2420014
Allahbad Bank,Goverdhan Vilas    2584753
Andhra Bank,Shakti Nagar    2413415,2410699
Bank Of Baroda,Regional Office    2526895,2490366
Bank Of Baroda,Town Hall Road    2413245,2413056
Bank Of Baroda,Krishi Upaj Mandi    2584115,2486280
Bank Of Baroda,Sukher    2440510
Bank Of Baroda,Foreign Exchange Department    2422145
Bank Of India,Delhi Gate    2450773
Bank Of India,Sardarpura    2529254
Bank Of India,Hiran Magri    2584483
Bank Of Maharashtra,City Station Road    2420986
Bank Of Rajasthan,Regional Office    2521257
Bank Of Rajasthan,Bapu Bazar    2420702
Bank Of Rajasthan,B.N.College    2413665
Bank Of Rajasthan,Bus Stand,Udiapole    2485742
Bank Of Rajasthan,Clock Tower    2422116
Bank Of Rajasthan,Hiran Magri    2583420
Bank Of Rajasthan,MIA    2492010
Bank Of Rajasthan,Navbharat    2413213
Bank Of Rajasthan,RCA Extn.    2417164
Bank Of Rajasthan,University Campus    2418190
Bank Of Rajasthan,Vidya Bhawan Extn.    2451253
Canara Bank,Sethji Ki Bari    2527365
Central bank Of India,Delhigate    2528601
Central Bank Of India,Sunderwas    2492252
City Bank Cash Management,Air Palace,Delhigate    2524742
Corporation Bank,Town Hall    2419545
Dena Bank,Bapu Bazar    2422180
Dena Bank,Surajpole    2410680
ICICI Bank,Madhuban    2560300
Indian Overseas Bank,Opp.Town Hall    2411724
Mewar Anchalik Gramin Bank,Sukher Road,Bhuwana    2440712
Mewar Anchalik Gramin Bank,Sewashram Chowraha    2415418
Mewar Anchalik Gramin Bank,Goverdhan Vilas    2486183
Mewar Anchalik Gramin Bank,Savina Kheda    2483018
Mewar Anchalik Gramin Bank,Kanpur    2491305
Mewar Anchalik Gramin Bank,Ambamata Scheme    2430393
Oriental Bank Of Commerce,Town Hall Road    2421127
Punjab National Bank,Town Hall Road    2414693
Punjab National Bank,Chetak Circle    2526175
Punjab National Bank,Kalaji-Goraji    2422299
Punjab National Bank,Ext. Counter,St.Teresa School    2413053
Punjab & Sindh Bank,Town Hall Road    2421158
Rajasthan State Co-Op Bank,Sector No.11    2583266
Rajasthan State Co-Op Bank,sector No.13    2583969
State Bank Of Bikaner&Jaipur,Lead Bank    2527720
State Bank Of Bikaner&Jaipur,Zonal Office ,New Fatehpura    2522892
State Bank Of Bikaner&Jaipur,Bada Bazar    2422772
State Bank Of Bikaner&Jaipur,Badgaon    2450734
State Bank Of Bikaner&Jaipur,Guest House    2527630
State Bank Of Bikaner&Jaipur,Chetak Circle    2527122
State Bank Of Bikaner&Jaipur,Sector No.4    2461836
State Bank Of Bikaner&Jaipur,Sector No.11    2583249
State Bank Of Bikaner&Jaipur,Pratap Nagar    2490259
State Bank Of Bikaner&Jaipur,Shastri Circle    2411430
State Bank Of Bikaner&Jaipur,Surajpole    2422044
State Bank Of Bikaner&Jaipur,Udiapole    2417399
State Bank Of India,Hospital Road    2528857
State Bank Of India,Bhupalwadi    2422197
State Bank Of India,Bhuwana    2440718
Syndicate Bank , Bapu Bazar    2422506
The Udaipur Mahila Samriddhi Bank, Bapu Bazar    2410003
The Udaipur Mahila Urban Co-Op.  Bank,Ashwini Bazar    2414357
UCO Bank,Bank Circle    2421126
UCO Bank,Ambamata    2430805
UCO Bank,Ext. Counter , St.Paul School    2529635
Udaipur Urban Co-Op. Bank,Bapu Bazar    2422657
Udaipur Urban Co-Op. Bank,Shastri Circle    2412005
Udaipur Zila Sahakari Bhoomi Vikas Bank, Hathipole    2561895
Udaipur Urban Co-Op. Bank Ltd., Pannadaya Marg    2523514
Udaipur Urban Co-Op. Bank Ltd.,Bada Bazar    2420429
Udaipur Urban Co-Op. Bank Ltd.,Bedla Road    2450762
Udaipur Urban Co-Op. Bank Ltd.,Dhan Mandi    2422355
Udaipur Urban Co-Op. Bank Ltd.,Hathipole    2422461
Udaipur Urban Co-Op. Bank Ltd.,Sector No.4    2460893
Union Bank Of India, Town Hall Road    2420047
Union Bank Of India,Fatehpura    2560088
Union Bank Of India, Kalaji-Goraji    2529281
United bank Of India, Ashwini Bazar    2528152
Vijaya Bank, Bapu Bazar    2411196

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