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Art and Crafts are entirely human creations, they need human excellence, passion and love to be brought forth. Art and Craft vary in their quality and nature. The arts and crafts movement took shape in late 19th and early 20th century. The people who started this movement were William Morris and Edwin Lutyens. Some forms of Arts and Crafts were practiced since ancient days while some other are modern innovations. Industrial Revolution and the increasing productivity had decreased the quality of Arts and Crafts. It had even disheartened the quality people in their respective fields but for past some decades the scenario of art and crafts has changed and the people have got rid of the obsession of machine-made products. Presently handicrafts are being adopted as the vocational media and it is also opted for the leisure pursuit.

ShilpGramThe Life in Crafts (3 kilometers to the west of FatehSagar Lake)

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Art and crafts have always been a predominant domain of human interest. To fulfill that earnest desire of getting acquainted with the world of art and craft man has striven to build craft-friendly abodes on numerous occassions. Shilpgram is also such an abode which lends a patronage to ever-glowing charm of ethnic arts and crafts.The literal meaning of shilpgram is “village of crafts” or a place where large number of specimens of art and craft are showcased by the original artists.This is located 3 kilometers to the west of Fatah Sagar Lake in Udaipur Rajasthan.

Its a State sponsored living musium stretched on a 70 acre land on the foothills of Aravali. Shilpgram or the Rural Arts and Crafts Village in Udaipur is one of the seven centers of the West Zone Culture Center (WZCC), established by the government in 1986. This Shilpgram is home to the craft world of states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Goa as the specimens of artisans of these states produce works of the wonderful crafts. WZCC is involved in the promotion and preservation of the art and culture of the western region of India.

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