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Appreciation – one of the most important sources of Happiness. It’s a key to not only taking but giving & sharing Happiness. There is no person in this world who doesn’t want appreciation in life. Appreciations not only give you inner satisfaction but zeal, a desire, a motivation to do things in much better way. It gives enthusiasm which inspires you to work more and more with dedication.

Few words of appreciation fill you with magical potential… smile Just remind any of your incidents you’ll feel the same zest as you have on the moment you got that appreciation.

“YOU DID A GOOD JOB!!!” This statement on the completion of your project by your boss or senior or higher authority makes you feels on the top of the world. Isn’t it??? Don’t you agree??? It feels like all our hard work has been paid, our dedication has actually got worth… What a nice feeling it is… Superb!!! Words of appreciation play a vital role in life.


All of us want that… “Life mein kuchh mile na mile, bas humse log khushi se hans bol le… aur kya chahiye… Chhote se chhote aur bade se bade ko apne liye kahe gaye PROTSAAHAN (appreciation) k do shabd bade meethe lagte hai…

Now remember that particular situation when you did certain thing with full hard work and dedication but nobody appreciated you. How pathetic it felt no??? Even thought 100 times “Yaar, kya kami reh gayi thi… Sahi to kiya tha… Wesa jesa bola tha… Thodi si hi sahi, taareef kar dete… Arre itna hi bol dete achchha hai… To kya chala jaata… By God it feels too bad.

What has happen to us we repeat it with others. My question is WHY? Why we become followers? Why not beginners?? We know every work has a group effort. If we have not got the appreciation we don’t appreciate others too. WHY???


Let’s start from now. Wherever & whenever you feel that something is good or some person has done something nice, Appreciate. Even a word “NICE” makes a difference. It gives power to you and next person to work better.

I have decided today I am gonna say to my mum “Maa, lunch was awesome” to dad “Papa thank you for coming home early” to my boss “Sir, you have a great potential” to my ChaayewalaBhaiyyaji aaj ki chaye se to din ban gaya” If any smallest thing I am getting in any person I am meeting worth appreciating I am gonna do it today only… Because life is very unpredictable boss… We never know what will happen next moment… Aise hi thodi kehte h “Apne har pal ko jiyo, Aaj me jiyo, Kal kisne dekha hai…” Sahi bhi hai kal shayad hum naa ho yaa shayad wo na ho jisse hume kehna tha.

To chaliye aaj ek nayi shuruaat kare, Ki jab bhi jahan bhi jisse bhi appreciate karne ka mann kare hum karenge…

Last but not the least I appreciate all those who took time from their busy schedule and read this article. Special thanks smile to those who are already following this as they were the Inspiration of this article.

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Ankita Baheti (Anku)

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